School Security Basics: A Response to the Newtown Incident

Creating a Safer Learning Environment

At RETA Security, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of independent, school security consulting services.  We are a non-product affiliated, family-owned firm focused on the education market. RETA Security was founded in 1984 by Ron Timm, CPP. Based on our unmatched experience and expertise we have developed the industry's only patented assessment methodology (ALPHA™) to objectively evaluate your security program and provide prioritized recommendations. Our approach is holistic, collaborative and sustainable.

In addition to our industry leading assessment methodology, RETA Security's associates bring a wealth of experience and expertise in working with you to develop or update your security program, train your staff in its proper implementation and maintenance, and plan and prepare for emergencies.

In all areas of service, we have a long history of highly satisfied and loyal clients. We would love an opportunity to partner with you and your stakeholders to create a safer learning environment.

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"Tornado Preparedness" Training Module

Now that spring is officially here, it is time to be prepared for the possibility of spring storms. To help your organization plan for this type of emergency, Gallagher Bassett's complimentary, online training program, Tornado Preparedness for Schools is an excellent resource for preparing your facility and training administrators, teachers and staff for this type of emergency.

The topics discussed in this program go beyond a basic understanding of tornado safety and include:

  • Establishing expectations
  • Identifying shelter areas
  • Completing pre-season tasks and drills
  • Developing a pre-storm checklist
  • Implementing a post-event plan

To preview the program, please click the link below.

If you have any additional questions regarding the module, assigning the training, or adding more users to the system, please contact Lauren Wilson at 630.285.3830 or

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